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Project Mapping

The Working Environment

Clicking the button displayed on the left on the MM4XL floating toolbar opens the project mapping tool. Alternatively, select Project Mapping from the main MM4XL drop-down menu.

Mind Mapping Software for Concept and Project Management

Mind Mapping Software for Concept and Project Management

The drawing surface

It is important to understand that this is not MS Excel. The project mapping working environment works alongside Excel, but not in it. Therefore, while working with project mapping, it is possible to switch back to MS Excel (through the keyboard combination Alt+Tab, for instance) and work with it simultaneously.

Project maps can be constructed by accessing the functions and utilities on the drop-down menu, or by selecting the appropriate button from the toolbar.

As well as a range of other functions, the Tools - Options menu command can be used to define the background color of the drawing surface and to set the default map style when a new map is created.

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