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Sales and Marketing Performance Management Analysis Tools

MM4XL Sales Analysis software tools used by marketers and business analysts on five continents to make better business decisions.

MM4XL tools for sales and marketing analysis is a comprehensive toolbox for the professional analysis of sales and marketing data, including lots of marketing examples and descriptions of the management theory underlying each tool.

MM4XL software tools are used by marketers and business analysts on five continents to make better business decisions. All tools are available in one single Excel add-in software.


Sales Analysis Tools

Click on the following links to learn more about the MM4XL Sales Analysis tools or select a different group of tools from the links MM4XL Tools on the left side of the screen.

Business Performance Test Software for Sales Promotion Analysis Variation Analyst for Business Performance Result Evaluation
Test whether a significant difference exists between the results of comparable groups, such as sales growth in regions with and without a promotional offer. It applies the analysis of variance (ANOVA) method to a variety of data; reports results in a concise and comprehensible manner; and draws easy to understand, yet very helpful, charts designed for business decision-makers rather than statisticians. Read more...

Retail Gravitation Software for Sales Area and Territory Strategy Plan Gravity Analyst for Sales Area Segmentation
Split geographic areas into sales territories to assign to sales reps. The Retail Gravitation tool is used for sales area and territory strategy planning applying the Law of Retail Gravitation as originally postulated by William J. Reilly. Read more...

Benchmark Chart for Business Performance vs Market Share Growth Analysis Benchmark Map to Compare Product to Market Performance
Evaluate the business performance of several products using sales growth values and market growth, which is a different type of Product Portfolio Analysis also useful for analyzing entire market segments. Read more...

Pareto Chart, Box-Whisker Plot, and Descriptive Statistics in One Single Software Tool Descriptive Analyst: 3 Sales Analysis Tools in 1
Descriptive Analyst creates Pareto analysis (also called ABC analysis) draws box-plots, and prints useful descriptive statistics. When exploring data, two typical tools marketers use are frequency tables and histograms. Pareto chart brings both tools together, and is most often applied when you need to look at the spread of data over a range of values. Read more...

Business Formulas: Improve Business Analysis and Marketing Models in Excel Business Formulas for Excel Improve Business Analysis and Marketing Models
Improve business analysis and marketing models using these formulas in Microsoft Excel. They apply to marketing planning and control as well as to business analysis, monitoring, pricing, forecasting, market research, and much more.. Read more...

Marketing Segmentation Tree Diagram Chart Software Segmentation Tree makes Tree Diagrams for Marketing
Use survey data to make segmentations useful for creating customer profiles, marketing segmentation and classification analysis. Segmentation Tree software is a data mining tool that makes tree diagrams which are useful for marketing segmentation and classification analysis, typically for customer segmentation and item segmentation. Read more...

Accurate Forecasts with 14 Forecasting Methods using Sales History Data and Linear Programming Forecast Manager for Optimized Short-Term Forecast
14 different time-series forecasting methods, applying linear programming optimization to find the forecast with the very best fit to the input data. With the Forecast Manager software tool you can make (really) accurate short-term projections from any sort of historical data. Read more...

Profile Manager Software: How to Model Market Development Profile Manager Software to Model Market Development
Estimate market shares using a market model made with the product profile of direct competitor brands. Profile Manager software evaluates the effect of several variables on the competitiveness of different products and estimates their market shares. Read more...

Bubble Maps Software for Scatter Plot and Circle Charts Smart Mapping makes Bubble Chart with Labels
3D maps rich in features (like bubble labels and trend arrows) used to find associations within sales data, for instance, for several products of one company or of several competitors. A bubble map is a scatter plot whose points have been enlarged to circles, and the diameter refers to a third variable. Smart Mapping draws two basic kinds of bubble charts: with common bubbles and with normalized variables. Read more...

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