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Naming variables

In order to make models neat and clear, the property function mmNAME can be used to assign a name to variable cells and to assign a position to one cell within a series of cells using the same mmNAME formula. For instance, in cell D12 we could have:

=SUM(A5:A35)+mmNAME(Market size)

When the simulation is run and the report is printed the results of the formula above are reported using the label name defined between quotes. When no Name function is used, Risk Analyst assigns automatically a more generic Item name followed by a progressive integer, such as Item 1, Item 2, and so on.

The property mmNAME can also be used to analyze the simulation of time series data. Say that we have three items of the same series in the range D12:D14. The following formulae identify the name of the series and the position of each element within that series:

=SUM(A5:A35)+mmNAME(Market size, 1)
=SUM(C5:C35)+mmNAME(Market size, 3)
=SUM(B5:B35)+mmNAME(Market size, 2)

When printed, the report attaches a label name to the cell and, for time series, it is possible to print a separate report that sheds light on the time series as a whole rather than on the individual variable cells only. This functionality is very useful, for instance, when analyzing market shares over time, when projecting sales, when looking at profit over time, and more.
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