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Descriptive Analyst

Page 1: Pareto Chart

 Pareto Chart, Box-Whisker Plot and Descriptive Statistics Software

In the form above, click on the page tab Pareto Chart and you enter the page where to define the Pareto analysis options.

Check the respective box for printing a summary table of the input data and for drawing the Pareto chart. Both options are active by default.

Then, the software must be instructed on whether to treat the input data as Categorical or Continuous data. Categorical data is expressed in classes, such as yes or no, below 100, 100-200, 201-300, etc. On the other side, continuous variables show values expressed on an infinite scale, such as sales, costs, temperature, etc.

If you are working with continuous data, all you are required to do is to check the box Automatic bin calculation, which is active by default, and to tell the software the Number of groups youd like to shrink the input data to.

When working with categorical data the software must be instructed on where to find the Bin range, which is a vector of labels used for reducing input data in classes. Items marked with the same label (upper- and lowercase sensitive) are counted together in the same group. More about bin ranges can be found in the sheet Descriptive Analyst in the MM4XL Examples folder under the Windows Start button.

Click on the OK button to print results on sheet.

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