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Data Output

It takes from a few seconds to a few minutes for Gravitation Analyst to print the output of your analysis. The table below was returned for our example. Column B, C and D reflect the user input. Column E shows the break point beyond which customers are less likely to go shopping to the central item. In column F the same values as in column E are shown in percentages

 Retail Gravitation Software: Sales Area and Territory Strategy Plan

All data shown in the table can also be found in the map. The map title corresponds to cell B11, which corresponds to the job title entered by the user in the first window. The length of the dotted whiskers is proportional to the distance values in column C. The bubble size is proportional to the values in column D. Finally, the gravitational vertexes correspond to the values in column E. Connecting all break points (or vertexes) on the map we approximate the areas that may be expected to be dominated by the central outlet mall.

All data mentioned above could also be shown in the form of the item label. The data is ordered on the map from the center to the right, or anti-clockwise.

 Retail Gravitation Software: Sales Area and Territory Strategy Plan

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