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Sample Manager

How To Run Sample Manager

It's easy to get up to speed with MM4XL in a matter of seconds:

  1. Select the MM4XL tool you want to work with from the toolbar.
  2. Click the Example button on the form. This opens an example sheet with data for the tool you are using.
  3. With your mouse, select the data sets as explained in the example sheet, then click the OK button to print the report.

Select Sample Manager under Survey Analysis in the MM4XL menu, or press its button in the floating toolbar menu, and the window below is displayed.

 Random Sample Size Design Calculation Software

 Random Sample Size Design Calculation Software

There are four values users can interact with: Population size, Confidence level, Error level, Hypothesis of the study. Should you input any wrong value, dont panic! Sample Manager warns you. More details about the four parameters can be found in the section Technicalities.

Click in the frame above the Quick Help button and the answer to your query appears in the white panel.

The Print report function starts printing at the selected cell in Excel. Therefore, pay attention where is your cursor before you click the Print button.

With an open form you see the cursor changing to a question mark? Click on that label and the Quick Online Help opens up and shows a short description of the label you clicked on.

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