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Implementing a Marketing Testing Lab

For any one product, the information needs of a general manager are different from those of a marketing manager, a product manager, a sales manager, or a sales rep. Nevertheless, all of them may find it beneficial to measure and test the effectiveness of business decisionsand actions. When testing is done in an ongoing fashion and complies with some simple accuracy and reporting rules,both the new and the experienced manager may find it very useful for making future business decisions.

Business analystsplay an important role in planning and running testing plans. They most often own the data and know them well, they are a link to different products and managers, and they have (or are in the position of developing) the required know-how for implementing reliable business test plans. Managers and analysts should decide together what makes sense and should be tested on an ongoing basis, whether the data are available and robust, how to summarize results, and everything should be wrapped together in a shared document for future reference. Then, for each individual test,one introductory page should be written before the test is run, that synthetically describes goal, copy strategy, expected results, targeted group(s), direct competitor(s) and their expected reaction. After the test is run one summary page should report synthetically on the results of the action. These two pages, attached to each test, make an invaluable information base for managers keen on building success upon success rather than moving on randomly.

Finally, trendsof test resultsshould be analyzed from time to time, to draw general conclusions concerning the overall benefit of the process for the business, and to suggest improvements.

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