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Project Mapping

Project Mapping Output Report

The project mapping tool prints in output a map and a summary report. Together, these elements supply a detailed and yet concise picture of a project

The Map

To export a map, click the corresponding button on the toolbar, or select Tools Export from the menu. On the form that appears, click on Next, then select the file format you want to export the map to and click Next. For MS Office files, select whether to export to an existing file or to a new one; for other formats, assign a name to the export file. Click on Next and the map will be exported.


Export the map to the Clipboard and it will be saved in memory. Go to any Microsoft application, PowerPoint, Excel, Word, etc., place the cursor where you want to paste the map, press Ctrl+V and the map will appear.

The Summary Report

TheSummary report lists all information concerned with each single branch of a map in a structured manner. A map can contain a lot of information in several formats, such as text and symbols, time schedule and budget value, attached files and their location, author notes, and vocal messages.

To print a copy of the report, select the Print option from the toolbar or press Ctrl+P, then select whether to export to Excel, Word or WordPad on the form that appears. Pictured below is an example of a summary report generated in the project mapping tool.

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